Let us help you tell your story. Our Sacred Stories is a sacred space on the internet dedicated to telling every survivor's story. We will walk you through the process and capture your experience with elegance and grace, so survivors who read your story can learn from your victory and be inspired by your resilience. 

Tell Your Story - Photo Shoot

  • Thank you for supporting your sister! We'll need her name and email address so we can contact her and set up a shoot. 

  • We are so excited to help you share your story. So many other survivors will be inspired by your courage and learn from you victory. We're proud of you!


    Here's how it works: We'll send you our Sacred Stories questionnaire and KISS Team Member will reach out to you to schedule your photo shoot. We'll help you pick your location, look, and outfit. 


    Day of the shoot: We'll provide you with professional hair & makeup so you look stunning for your Sacred Story. Everyone on set will be female so you can feel safe and at ease. 


    Afterwards: You get to keep your portrait photos and we get to tell your story on KISS's website & social media


    X, The KISS Team


    * anyone who identifies as female is welcome. * anonymous stories are allowed. We won't show your face and we'll let you pick a cool cameo name :)

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