Total Healing Is Possible

Delfina Ure "I never stopped believing I could heal and now I'm PTSD free!"

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Delfina Ure, I’m a daughter, sister, friend, and glitter connoisseur. I became a survivor when I was 8 years old and it took me 20 years to tell my story. When I finally did, my abuser sued me to keep me quiet, but I won! Now I’ve gone on to make a full recovery from childhood sexual abuse by the power of God in my life. I was baptized at 30 years old and within a few months I was 100% PTSD free and I stopped feeling disgusting and stopped wanting to die. Now I work with survivors through our non-profit, I empower young girls to find their voice through my music teaching program, and I’m using my music and story to make a difference in people’s lives.

What was life like before trauma?

I was loud, bossy, fearless, and innocent.

What was life like after trauma? After trauma I became extremely shy, sensitive, withdrawn, and super self conscious. When I was 12 I became suicidal and this lasted until I was 30 years old. At one point I developed a mysterious tumor on my face that would go up and down with stress. When I told my story the first time it went away almost completely, but when I got baptized it disappeared and has never come back.

How would you describe your process of healing?

I tried to "heal myself sexually” for a long time, trying to normalize my sex-life. I thought this was going to heal me. I thought that if I could just feel “normal" in my place of most fear that I would be healed. I got really good at managing my PTSD but I still needed relief from having to carry the burden of my life.

I started smoking weed very heavily and drinking to relax at night. My life felt empty and meaningless for years. Luckily, telling my story freed me from this pain quite a bit, and then of course winning my lawsuit gave me a taste of freedom and dignity I'd never felt before.

After this victory I craved a deeper sense of freedom. I got rid of all of my bad habits and started getting back in tune with God all thanks to a podcast my friend sent me. I learned from the Jesus preachers that total healing was possible. I didn't know what to expect, but I was curious and my curiosity turned into faith.

I started going to church and the “word of God” felt like a brand new language that I desperately wanted to learn. One day I finally said out loud, “JESUS PLEASE FIX MY LIFE!” I was so angry. I was beating my chest in my kitchen sobbing angrily. And from that moment, EVERYTHING changed.

My pain was transformed over the next 6 months and eventually every single PTSD symptom disappeared completely. My friends are still amazed that I am PTSD-free after all these years. They laugh because they don’t recognize the new me, the one without phobias, ocds, triggers, anger, despair, dysmorphia, addiction, and the list goes on and on. I am completely healed!

Where are you at in your healing journey?

I am completely healed. I’m not a survivor anymore.

What has been the biggest breakthrough in your recovery and in self-love?

Realizing that what happened to me wasn’t my fault was HUGE.

What does “completely healed” look like to you?

Completely healed means NO triggers, NO trauma ptsd, NO phobias, NO rage, NO hatred, NO despair, NO dysmorphia or medical mysteries or digestive issues or eating disorders or addictions. That's 100% my reality after handing my life over to Jesus! I am free!!


I am completely healed. I’m not a survivor anymore.

Does forgiveness play a part in your story?

YES! I had to forgive myself for liking the attention of being abused and I had to forgive my mother for not protecting me. Forgiving my dad was easy because seeing his brokenness led to compassion and then forgiveness pretty easily. But like most survivors, I had to learn to have compassion with myself and forgive myself for all the pain I caused I myself later in life.

What advice would you give a survivor going through trauma right now?

Keep believing there’s a purpose in your life. And when you’re ready to let someone back into your life, let Jesus in. He’s never hurt a woman, he’s only healed them.

What would you like other people to know about your story?

It is 100% possible to be trauma free, no matter what your story is. What Jesus did for me he will do for you. If I can heal, you can heal.

What is your . . .

Love language: touch, words of affirmation, and money $ 😄

Self-care routine: lift weights, work hard, worship daily

Self-love splurge: Urban Remedy matcha bars from Whole Foods.

Best compliment you get: You are beautiful. :) You have a nice voice. You’re really loud.

Most said prayer: God make my dad confess. God heal the children. God heal every single survivor out there like you healed me.

A dream in your heart: To be president of the United States.

Idea of the perfect day: The day every survivor is healed from trauma.

Time or place you feel the most safe: Driving in my car.

Favorite quote: "With great power comes great responsibility" (Spiderman) / and “The son of man did not come to be served but to serve.” (Matthew 20:27)

Secret wish: to be a Disney princess.

Delfina Ure


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