Delfina Ure

KISS Founder & Executive Director

"In 1997 I became a survivor, and in 2017, 20 years later, I finally had to courage to come forward and tell my story. I thought I was alone until I spoke up and found the support I needed. Then #metoo happened and I realized I really wasn't alone, but wondered if all of those women had suffered through the same isolation and pain that I went through trying to heal. 

So in 2017 I became a volunteer advocate for the YWCA Compton, Young Women's Christian Association, and worked on the hotline. The training was tough and the calls were gruesome. Finally one of those phone calls turned into an accompaniment assignment and I went with a survivor to the hospital to file a report. I stood by her side while the police interrogated her, waited by the door as she stepped into her hospital gown, let her squeeze my hand as the forensic nurse dug into her most vulnerable parts, and handed her tissues while she wept asking herself the 2 questions every survivor asks herself after abuse, "Why did this happen to me?" and, "What do I do now?"

"If I can heal, you can heal."

From that moment on I knew I wanted to be seriously involved in empowering and helping heal survivors of every age and at every stage of recovery. I gathered with my close friends and we formed Keep It Sacred Sister. We are committed to helping every survivor of sexual abuse receive the tools, encouragement, love and resources they need in order to make a full recovery.


I'm grateful for the connection I have with my sisters even if it's through shared pain, but I am more interested in and committed to building common ground in freedom where we can thrive in victory together. " Delfina's story & music.


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"We are committed to fighting for our sisters, to bring healing and connection where there has been loss and pain. We stand with survivors." - KISS Team


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