Your sisters stand by you

more than just a panty

Your sisters at KISS want you to know that you are not alone. We believe you and we believe that you are going to make a full recovery.

your panty

Your panty was packaged by your sisters in Redding, CA with a lot of love, prayers, and a touch of glitter for pizzazz. We dreamt up the idea to gift you this panty when we found out you would've had to leave your exam wearing some random ziploc-baggy donation undie. There was no way we could let you go through that after what you've already been through.
So here it is. We want you to know that we are with you in this very scary moment of your life. We want to encourage you that you are going to be okay even if right now it feels like the whole world is crashing in on you and you'd like to hit the eject button on your body. 
No matter what may have happened to you or what you felt during the exam, we want you to know that there is a whole sisterhood of survivors rallying around you that believes you, supports, you and is praying for you. Keep believing you are on your way to a full recovery! YOU ARE GOING TO HEAL.

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