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support survivors

Join our community of monthly donors sending panties to our survivor sisters.

We're all in this together

We can't thank you enough for partnering with us to support survivors. 100% of public donations provide panties for survivors because a small group of private donors help fund our operations. 


We can't do this without you!

sacred Donors

KISS relies on a small group of private donors to cover our operational costs so that 100% of public donations can be used to provide panties for survivors.


Artist Rhonna Del Rio makes monthly donations to help keep the lights on at KISS. We love you, Rhonna, thank you!

Join Rhonna in making a monthly impact for KISS


Sacred partnerships

Almost every city in the United States has a local SART program, larger cities have several. We need your help to grow & we'd love to support survivors near you. Find out how you can sponsor a SART team in your area.

Send panties to survivors in your neighborhood

Founding donors

thank you for helping us launch!

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We are so grateful to our family & friends who donated to KISS in our early stages and made it possible for us to launch, even during COVID!

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