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why panties?

Our personal panty lets her know she's loved & believed in her moment of most need.
There is a new rape every 98 seconds in the United States. 90% of survivors are female, and from the millions of assaults that occur, only a precious 400,000 survivors will be brave enough to come forward. Their panties are handed over to the police as part of the rape evidence, which is why we provide survivors with a post-exam panty that lets her know she's loved and believed in her most vulnerable moment of need.

Her healing begins when she's believed

How we help

We partner with SARTs (Sexual Assault Response Teams) nationwide who accompany survivors to the hospital for their rape exam.
Every panty is packaged with a love note that lets our sisters know they are loved, seen, and believed. 
We provide SART volunteers with panties on a monthly basis depending on their need in sizes ranging from XS to 3X.
We help survivors tell their story, which is a vital milestone in their healing journey.
Thanks to your support

We've partnered with 3 SART teams across the US and sent out our first 33 panties to survivors!

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$50 sends 10 KISS Panties to a clinic per month.
Sending panties is a simple way to get involved in the fight against sexual abuse & sex trafficking. Consider becoming a monthly donor and support our sisters.


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